The Galway Association Golf Society (London), more commonly known as “GAGS” was founded in the Spring of 1992.

Following discussions among a group of friends – Galway business men, a meeting was arranged for 24th March 1992, at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Enfield, where GAGS would hold their first meeting. The meeting went ahead where a committee was elected and an inaugural outing arranged, which would take place at Elstree Golf Club, on 16th July 1992.

Present at that founding meeting were:

Mick Monaghan, Pat Keary, Sean Burke, Bobby Burke, Michael Keary, PJ Connolly, & Peter Concannon.

During the meeting the following officers were elected;

Mick Monaghan (Captain), Pat Keary (Secretary), Michael Keary (Assistant Secretary), Sean Burke (Chairman), Bob Burke (Treasurer), and P.J. Connolly (Vice-Captain).

GAGS maiden outing went ahead as planned at Elstree Golf Club on 16th July 1992 and was a great success, with many attendees requesting to become members.

For 10 years’ the society flourished until unfortunately, following irreconcilable differences between members of the senior leadership regarding financial irregularities and how the society was being run in general, an EGM was called in 2005 and there followed a ‘split’. However, GAGS promptly elected a new Chairman and Treasurer, and along with the addition of a Vice Chairman, Vice Treasurer and larger committee, a formal Constitution was introduced so that no further indiscretions or harm to the society could be allowed to happen in the future. Since then the society has never looked back, and has gone from strength to strength. Today the membership exceeds 100 Golfers, with the average attendance being approx. 70 Golfers per outing and GAGS is widely respected as one of the best organised, and most efficiently run golf societies.

While this year, in July, the Society celebrates its 25th Anniversary, the founding principles remain;

The aim of the society is to promote and foster the game of Golf, and to encourage new friendships to form between society members not previously known to each other.

Please click here to view minutes of GAGS first meetings and other historical documents